Ripley Falls

Sunbathing on the rocks below Ripley Falls Ripley Falls is located off route 302, about 10 miles south of the Mount Washington hotel. The turn off to the falls can be easily missed. You have to walk in about half a mile. The trail is sometimes steep and rough. Look for Arethusa Falls Road. You will be walking over little boulders and tree roots. Be careful. It is easy to twist an ankle on the trail! However, these difficulties are worth it. The falls are dramatic…where else can you see a 100-foot sheet of whitewater flowing over a smooth rock face which is tilted at a 65 degree angle. It is said to be one of the steepest-angled slides in all of New England. A local mountain club uses the Falls as a Rapelling site. You can see the ropes in the video. Shot with an AF100 and 14-140mm Lumix zoom.

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