Professional Steadicam Service

Have you ever noticed those floating shots in the movies, perhaps showing people walking down a corridor or walking along a street? Those sequences in which the camera seems to float along, are made by a professional steadicam operator. If you look in the credits at the end of the movie, you will often see a steadicam operator listed there.

I have always wanted to include this in my video work because it just looks so cool. When you are good at it (after years of practice, of course!) there is not much you can’t do from booming up to climbing over objects as well as dollies that look like they were done on a track. But poor steadicam work looks terrible. You need good equipment and hours and hours of practice! I am pleased to report that we now have a Steadicam Pilot and a Canon 7D. This DSLR not only shoots HD definition video but also makes it possible to do very high quality slow motion. The practice is on-going!

The Steadicam Pilot is one of the best pieces of equipment for getting those stunning sweep around shots on the dance floor and following a couple down the aisle.

Want to know more about what in the trade they call “Flying?” Here is one of theĀ best articles I have seen

You’ll find someĀ examples here of “flying” and how it can work for you in a Love Story video or as part of your ceremony and reception.


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