Video-NewHampshire.com produces professional, creative,cinematic style, wedding video. As owner, I always strive for a unique, story telling video.

My experience and background is somewhat eclectic. I am a graduate of the University of Miami’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I worked for many years as a television reporter and editor including 10 years as a senior editor with CBC Radio in Toronto.

If you decide to buy my services, please know that you are hiring someone well versed in multi-media production, someone who knows how to put together a  program which will hold your interest and which seamlessly flows from one event to another. Years of editing experience have been transferred to wedding video which I find is one of the best arenas for creative work.

I love the excitement of a wedding and even the stress. Each one is different and each is memorable. Back at home (yes, I freely admit working from an office at home) that memory gets transferred into a video which must be emotional to me. If it isn’t, I know I don’t have it right. I create this feeling with my  editing and choice of music. You will not  be disappointed.

Our Video-Newhampshire crew is available to travel to any area in New Hampshire and Vermont.

I just love the way the carriage and its occupants are backlit by the afternoon sun. This picture is a frame capture from an HD video. Many HD video shots can be used for postcard size prints!

Take a moment to view the sample wedding videos shot in HD and you will see the excellent quality that we can provide you. We pay special attention to good sound pick up, because video is nothing without good sound. We double mike the major participants and always record your musicians with a separate recorder. We’ve been able to cut back a bit on the use of strong lights at the reception by using DSLRs with fast lenses. But, all cameras require some light so when the lights go out completely, we have to call it quits!

Our speciality is multi-camera coverage so you always get some fresh angles in your video. We use the Steadicam Pilot for great floating shots. We even have a Kessler crane for Hollywood style overheads! Call for details: (857) 574-0540 or use our contact form.

Your wedding video, when delivered on DVD within six to eight weeks of your wedding day will surprise you. Quality is stunning because we shoot in High Definition and can deliver a Blu Ray DVD or a file made for Apple’s HDTV.

Business and Events

We are also produce corporate and event video. Our clients include Northern Community Investment Corporation and the New England Dairy Council

Wedding and Event Photography

Since we use DSLRs almost exclusively now, we are also available as wedding photographers. Check out our work at www.photosvermont.com

Timothy Palmer-Benson

March 4th, 2011


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